17 – Live Interview with Daniel Döderlein, CEO and Founder of Auka

oktober 30, 2019

In this interview you get to know the full story about mCash, Auka and Settle, passionately told by Daniel Döderlein..

In this interview, Daniel passionately takes the listener through the development of the mobile payment landscape in the Nordics. He goes through what has happened since 2006 and all the way up until today. He also talks about his experience of building a fintech company, taking a revolutionary service to the market and now launching their new mobile payment service called Settle in several European markets.

Fireside Chat in collaboration with Findec and Funderbeam

We had the pleasure to sit down and talk with Daniel. This was made possible with the help from Findec Association and Funderbeam. The talk went on for a bit more than an hour where Daniel talked about everything that has happened within the payment industry since 2006.

In the episode, we hear Daniel talk about his view on the payments landscape during 2006 – today. We get to hear the behind the scene story about how it has been to come to the banks with a new revolutionary idea. Daniel also shares his view on the future of money and where he see the industry is going.

Daniel Döderlein is a serial entrepreneur with several successful companies. As long as he can remember he has loved making business and been very passionated about technology. Since 2006 his primary focus has been on the payments industry where he have been a pioneer in the space of real time person to person payments.

Daniel Döderlein




Daniel Döderlein

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