20 – Interview with Anna Blyablina Co-founder Sthlm Fintech Week

december 16, 2019

In this episode, we interview Anna Blyablina, the co-founder of Sthlm Fintech Week..

In this episode we had the pleasure to interview Anna Blyablina who is a co-founder fo Sthlm Fintech Week. Anna tells us the story behind Sthlm Fintech Week and her passion for Fintech and connecting people and businesses within Fintech.

Sthlm Fintech Week grundades 2018

2020 was the second year that Sthlm Fintech Week has been running. The week of interesting keynotes, panel debates and discussions grew from last year with several hundred participants more. The community driven event had guests from both the fintech/startup side such as Plianace, IDKollen, Invoier and many more. But there was also bigger names attending such as Alipay, ePassi, P27 and many more.

Joakim Sjöblom

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Joakim Sjöblom

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