24. Bringing the Lifestyle Superapp Alipay to the Nordics with Roland Palmer, Alipay and Masood Arai, ePassi

mars 4, 2020

Lars Sjögren, CEO at P27 Nordic Payments is the guest in Episode number 23 at Fintechpodden. Lars is sharing very interesting information about..

Fintechpodden managed to get a quick chat with Roland Palmer from Alipay and Masood Arai from ePassi during Sthlm Fintech Week. We talked about the growing amount of Chinese tourists and how the collaboration between Alipay and ePassi makes it possible for Chinese tourists to pay with their own Alipay app and with enhanced user experience while on vacation in Europe. Roland and Masood also shared many interesting insights and thoughts on the payments landscape and the great opportunities with digital marketing through payments app such as Alipay.

Many know about the Chinese giant Alibaba and its financial part called Ant Financial with the Fintech app Alipay but for those who do not know of Alipay, we can say that they are actually one of the world’s largest payments networks with 1.2 billion users of their app. Alipay is a really interesting app that goes beyond just payments and is a lot about collaboration. And for those not familiar with ePassi, it is a modern and environmentally friendly provider of employer benefits. Alipay and ePassi started their collaboration during 2017 with the first-ever “in air” QR code payment in collaboration with Finnair. Since then their collaboration have grown to become a strategic partnership for supporting merchants to accept Alipay payments and Alipay users to be able to pay with their mobile wallets in the ePassi merchant network in EU/ETA regions.


In the episode, we talked about Alipay as a lifestyle super-app through collaborations, digital marketing, the collaboration between the two and much more. Both Roland and Masood openly shared interesting insights about the collaboration between the companies but also about the future of payments and they gave their thoughts on where the market is heading. Roland also tells you what “Payments Plus” is, and why payments is just the key to the door and that the actual power is the possibilities with digital marketing.

Roland Palmer

Masood Arai



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