28. Fighting financial and green crime with Che Sidanius from Refinitiv

april 2, 2020

Che Sidanius is an experienced leader within the financial industry with a special focus on regulation, financial crime, cyber fraud, green and environmental..

In this episode, we have the pleasure of having Che Sidanius, Global Head of Financial Crime & Industry Affairs at Refinitiv with us. Che is an experienced leader with a variety of leadership roles within the areas of online crime prevention, regulation, financial crime, green grime and other types of cyber crimes from companies such as KMPG, PwC and Bank of England. In the episode we talk about many different kinds of crimes that can be done online. We also briefly talk about the crimes that may have been done behind the corona virus.

In the episode Che touches on the topics of green and environmental crime and briefly speaks about how they have started to investigate the crimes that may have been done in Wuhan, China and the following Corona Virus that have broken out all over the world by now.


Che Sidanius is a very experienced man with a lot of knowledge and insights which he openly shared with us during the podcast. If you want to know more about financial crime, cyber fraud, green crime, and much more, this is a really good episode for you.

Che Sidanius


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